Affiliated to CBSE Delhi, No.1031077
D P C Role Model Excellence School
Dreamland City, Dorlichhatarpur, Katangi Road, Seoni (MP) 480661
The school has a well maintained Medical room equipped with 3 beds and wheel chair.  There is a full time nurse to take care of the students and the faculty members during the school hours.

Following are the facilities provided by our school Medical Department:
  • Polio drive, an initiatives taken by the Government of India is facilitated in our school.  Polio drops are given to the students of Pre Nur, Nursery & K.G (under  the age of 5) as per the government schedule after getting formal consent by the parents.
  • Students are advised to get yearly eye, dental and general health checkup, the record of which is maintained in the health card provided by our school which is submitted to the medical department.
  • Height & weight of all the students is monitored on half yearly basis, the record of which is maintained and given  in the report card.
  • Health & wellness club of the school regularly organize assembly talks to sensitize the students on health issues.
  • First Aid is given in case of fever and injury.
  • A record of any medication provided by the student is maintained in the almanac and a copy of the same is with the medical department.